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  1. Awesome! (Had to keep the chain going, as every reply has ended with one of these)
  2. The text should be separate from the background. (E.g. the text should be on a different layer)
  3. Okay, if you were using a smaller font size, the median blur should have still left you with gaps in the middle of the words. Then (hopefully the text is on a separate layer), then you do the drop shadows which gives it a sort of outline. Then you blur it to a whacky level, use the mask and boom! You get embossed looking text. So yeah, the drop shadows should change the appearance, but you need it to have a white backround, say, to see the difference. And the text must be on a layer with nothing else on it. Hope that both helps and makes sense. P.S. I may have missed steps in my bit up
  4. It's cool, but what is the best way to anti-alias it? I used outline object, but that takes a lot of fiddling and give rounded edges. Keep in mind that any antialiasing will need to avoid changing alpha values because that stuffs the reflection up. (It won't show any of the reflection there, no matter how high your 'ignore pixel' value is).
  5. Pretty cool! I don't care if it isn't chrome, it still looks cool. I am finally going to use my marking criteria: Usefulness: 4 (Can be used for just about anything, so long as it's blocky) Readability: 5 (Perfect grammar, easy to read) Uniqueness: 5 (Haven't seen anything like this) Checkpoints: 2 (Need more so we know what we are doing with smaller text) Personal Opinion: 4 (Cool and scalable, the basic idea can be used in many ways) Total : 20/25 Not bad at all. Here's mine:
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