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  1. Sorry, but no. I really don't like the aliased looks, or the way you raise the buttons. 3/10 dude... With a rework though, it could look fairly good.
  2. Quite interesting, something doesn't seem to quite gel with the text however. If the background is a render, 8/10, otherwise, 9.5/10.
  3. Awesome! (Had to keep the chain going, as every reply has ended with one of these)
  4. XP SP2, as I see no point (even as a .Net developer) to update to SP3. Seriously, why?
  5. Yeh, it worked for my school library card! I used it because my card didn't have a barcode. :shock: It'll be great for a joke though...
  6. When saving PNG files, I reckon we should be able to turn the gamma setting off. The reason being: IE7 changes the colours the image renders as, read here for more info. It's the only time Internet Explorer has stuck to a standard and had everyone hate it for it. Ironic, isn't it! Anyway, if you can even just add a gamma-less entry into the filetypes box, it will save me having to use TweakPNG on every picture before it hits the net.
  7. w00t! A reply! I haven't done new work for a looong time... But something I have done: http://ausgamersunited.net/dawmail333/
  8. That bit down the bottom where it says "Notify me when a reply is posted". Anyway, are you going to put those pictures back up?
  9. Sorry guhhtarrplayer, the auto-notify didn't work! Can I see them again? And yeah mate, I'll have to try to fix that, but IE in general is a pain in the b*tt.
  10. http://www.codeproject.com/News.aspx?nwid=6756 I have no idea which one that is again.
  11. Public ReadOnly Property Results() As Result Get Return r_esults End Get End Property That's me working on Learn Your Words 2.0 (http://goldenlightsoft.org/projects/lyw)
  12. Well, I have made a program that changes files into text and vice-versa, so I'll get the two pieces of code (file <-> byte(), input <-> encrypted) soonish. I'll translate them to c# first though...
  13. Great way to give the source code too! I'm going to modify it to add encryption. Soon, we'll have to collab together so we can make one that can hide files! (Put the pdn inside the png!) EDIT: Once I finally get my head around the c#...
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