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Recolor ignores alpha? Why?

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I'm using 3.10 with no previously installed version.

Isn't recolor supposed to be a conditional paint bucket? I just want to recolor all of a particular color in an image to a more transparent version of itself, and in this case recolor does... absolutely nothing at all. It acknowledges the RBG/HSV values of the color I choose, but not the alpha value. Thus it is recoloring a color with itself, for no visible effect.

This represents a logical inconsistency in the function of the tools relative to the colors window. Every other tool honors the alpha setting set in that window, but recolor has its own ideas about it. Even the text tool honors alpha!

If recolor is working correctly, that tells me that every other tool plus the colors window is lying to me when they imply that the alpha setting is taken by the program to be an integral part of the chosen color, rather than an additional effect added to it on the fly. If this is true, the alpha setting shouldn't be in the colors window, and should certainly not be displayed in the color selection box, because it is not a color characteristic.

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a bug. If not, then there's currently no way to alter the alpha of a single chosen color across an entire image except to do it contiguous-region-by-contiguous-region. In an image that has very low contiguity, this amounts to doing it pixel-by-pixel. That's obviously ridiculous.

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I don't know the answer to whether it's a bug or not, but shift+click with the eyedropper selects all regions of that color, and it respects tolerance settings.


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BoltBait made an Alpha plugin. How it works is that you select the part of the picture you want to adjust the alpha values of & then use the plugin to change the alpha values until you are satisfied.


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