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How to Add Background??

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Two things. First, I'm guessing that you're just saving it as a jpeg...which will add a white background to any picture with transparency (since the jpeg format doesn't support transparency). It also compresses the picture...which is why when you save pictures, it's best to use the png format...as it supports transparency and is lossless (doesn't compress and lose information when you save! :D).

If you're putting a background on an image, use the Layers -> Import from file option. Then choose the background to import, and move the background layer down behind the person that you've cut out!

Sorry if this is a little confusing...I'm just speed-typing this at the moment. ;) Let us know if there's anything else we can help you out with, and welcome to the forums! :D

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1. After you've cut the person out of the picture, save the image as a .PNG. PNG's support transparency & will allow you to put a background behind your person (or whatever you've cut out).

2. Do you have a background or do you need to make one? If you already have one, open it up in Paint.NET as a new image, then go to the Layers menu (at the top of the screen) & click "Import from file". Navigate to your cut out person (or whatever it is) & click Open.

3. Now you've got the basics done. All you need to do now is position your person on the background.

Hope this helps :)


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