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Autosave and Misc options

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Rick is very anti-Preferences.

And for a good reason: (He had to explain this to me when I first came here too)

Paint.NET is not designed to be a PhotoShop replacement. It's designed to be an image editor that anyone can use, regardless of their level of experience with image editing. (As I understand it,) Paint.NET's objective is to keep an unbloated and straightforward interface that provides everything the user needs without throwing so much in the user's face that the new user is scared away.

Also, if there were Preferences that could be changed, the devs would have to ensure that the program runs properly under each state and every possible permutation of states. If a user reported a bug, then anyone trying to replicate the error would have to replicate that specific user's Preference settings as well. That would increase development and testing time, and for a project that is done by developers in their spare time, that's really not much of an option.


There are some settings that are "sticky." For instance, Paint.NET remembers your last set Tolerance level, whether or not Anti-aliasing, Alpha Blending, Grid, and Rulers were last activated, and what units the rulers were last in. It currently does not remember Fill-Style, Drawn Shape mode, Brush Width, or Font information.

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