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Applying fills to just one layer.

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Hi all:

Hopefully I can explain this okay.

In photoshop if I have three layers, one being background (white) next up from that being a red circle and finally the top layer being an entire yellow fill (with opacity set to 80).

Now I would just about see the circle coming through the yellow, but also the white of background would be yellowish too.

Going back to photoshop there is a way, holding alt (pc) or command (mac) and left click between the layers on the layer palette just to make the objects on them two layers to merge (getting rid of the unwanted excess on yellow layer), therefore leaving my background white and the shape of the circle covered by the yellow layer.

Is there anyway to do this in paint.net? without using the wand?

Sorry if I have confused you but I hope someone will be able to help.



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you could use the alpha mask plugin to cut out the circle on the yellow layer & then merge the yellow layer down onto the red layer. Alternatively you can try (with some difficulty) to get a yellow circle on a layer above the red one & then change the opacity :)


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EDIT: Matt, you beat me to it :P.


If I've understood you right, and I hope I have, you can't exactly do that. You could use blend modes (accessed through double-clicking or pressing F4 on the respective layer), and yes, the red circle will become yellow with some of the blend modes, however, if you were to merge the yellow layer into the red circle layer with your chosen blend mode, the 'circle' layer will now be all yellow. Hope that made sense.

Instead what you can do is use layer masking. You will need this plugin installed...http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2178

- Duplicate your 'circle' layer and on this go to Adjustments > Curves. Drop down the menu and select RGB and click-and-drag down to the bottom right corner, you should notice the circle turn black.

- Create a new layer underneath the black circle, fill with white then merge (:MergeDown:) the black circle into the new white layer. Save as a .png under a noticeable name. It will ask you to flatten, do so then hit Ctrl + Z to undo the flatten. Delete the black circle layer.

- On your yellow layer (you should still have your red circle) go to Effects > Alpha Mask and browse for your .png file. Import and you will see that only a circle portion has gone revealing the red one underneath, just tick the Invert Mask checkbox and all will be left is a yellow circle.

- Merge the yellow layer into the circle or delete the red circle layer, that is up to you.

I do hope that made sense :D.

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