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How do you delete the background of a picture?

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I realize this is my first post, and I'm sure a very simple question for you all to answer, but I've no idea how to delete a background out of a picture. I know it's possible because I've done it before, but for some reason I can't do it again! I select the area I want to delete, use the eraser tool to erase that section out, then I go to save it and it saves it with the same old background. I want the final picture to just have the outline of the main object, no white rectangle background, for example. What am I missing? Before you get mad at me for such a simple question, I promise I've searched googled it a lot, looked on paint.net's FAQ and Help sections, and the forum. Still missing it somewhere. Thanks in advance for your help and your not tearing me apart for asking such an amateur question :) Thanks!

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And what file type are you saving as? Save as a .png. It supports transparency, and compresses the best, so the file size is smaller. Whatever you do, dont save as bmp. It does not support transparency, and the file size is huge.

Thank you! I'm sorry that the question has already been answered before - I did look for it!! Nice to see the veterans of this site are still polite :)

I'm not sure if it works like this, but if a Mod could delete this topic, that'd be fine. My question's been answered and I take it everyone already knew the answer so there's no need for it. Thanks!

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