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Cutout/Image Extract tool like in Adobe Photoshop?

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I searched and I couldn't find any mention on these forums, so I decided I'd ask. If it's already mentioned, been done or is in the works, I apologize for making a new topic.

A tool such as this is what I'm referring to.

I'm no programmer so I don't know how hard this is to implement, if it could be done in a plugin, new release or just too hard to do at all.

I've been using PDN since V2.5 and I want to thank everyone who works so hard to keep it running :D.


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Thanks :D I figured there was a way to do this but I wasn't totally sure.

A plugin or tool in a new release would make things even simpler. You just draw the line around the thing you wish to cut out, it automatically finds a colour that's not in the image, turns the line that colour(doesn't matter if it actually does, but I imagine that it's possible to tell the program it's actually this colour when in the GUI it's not.) uses the magic wand tool, and then inverts the selection, ect.. allowing you to cut/copy your selection.

Thanks again,


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