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help with siggy

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it should be checkerboard

that means that the background is transparent and anything underneath it will show up

but in order for this to happen you need to put the render on a new layer, which is one of the buttons in the bottom right corner window thing (there is a shortcut but i never use it :wink:)

if you still have trouble just ask


"No. Dreaming is illegal."~Pyrochild

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easy tutorial on what you need:

1. open :FileOpen: your backround in PDN

2.Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

4.select the top layer and open your render.(This will open a new image. Select the images with the image bar on the top right hand corner) On this new image use the :MoveTool: Tool anywhere on the canvas Pres Ctrl+C to copy.

5.Select your original image:


6.Press Ctrl+V to paste

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