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how do you.. - Polygonal Lasso select workaround

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Okay. In photoshop, you can draw straight lines using atool similar to the lasso tool. However, in paint.net, I can't seem to find anything to draw straight lines with (to select something). Is there any button way of using the lasso select to select straight lines, not just freehand? I'm sorry if I'm not very clear, it's hard to explain.

I want to select an object which is all straight lines, and I'd like to get it just right. Using the lasso tool, I can get close, but I can't get it perfect.

Thanks for anyhelp

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1: Please check out The Rules posted at the top of the Q&GD board. Descriptive topic titles are a must.

2: The current work-around is to create a new scratch layer, use the Line / Curve tool to draw out the shape, use the Paintbrush to color in the middle, and use the Magic Wand to create the selection in that shape.

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