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How I am instert picture only into selected! area?

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Without a new layer? I don't think you can do that.

If you don't mind, add a new layer, copy paste the whole image, then go back the background layer, select the part you want to with whatever selection tool, press Ctrl+I, click on the top layer, press CTRL+shift+X, and voilà.

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I've just done a few quick tests and concluded that you can't. However, on the bright side (and this will use layers), you can follow these simple steps to finish with the same result:

- Select area on first picture using any of the selection tools;

- delete that area;

- copy and paste desired picture on a new layer and move to where you want it;

- move layer below your first picture (the one with the deleted area);

- Ctrl + Shift + F to flatten work as if the layers were never there.

This is quick and easy and doesn't require heavy use of layers.

Hope this helps.

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