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I'm trying to create in image that will be about 800w x 150h px with a spotlight that starts in the upper right hand corner and beams down to the lower left hand corner. I'd like to get a sort of smoky effect with mutliple colors with the beamed area being a bit whiter than the rest.

I'm very new to all this and have gotten as far as creating a blurry background with multiple colors and then a beamed area that has the same blurry colors but only lighter. However, it looks horrible, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

My goal is to duplicate the image referenced in the link below (I'd post it here but don't know how.....i'll search for a tutorial). I'd use the image itself, but it is too large for the space I'm working with and I don't know how to resize it to be 800x150 without losing quality (gets stretched out and rough looking). Is rezising without loss of quality even possible?



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The lightrays plugin might help you with this. That is actually my next project (using spotlights with stuff) I've been mulling over.

That would be sweet! I'll try the lightray and lightsaber tut's in the meantime.

I'm not good enough to make any of this mean much right now, but Paint.net is a really neat program (graphic designer wannabe)

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