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  1. Thank you, David.Atwell! That helps a great deal. I had to create a poster for work. I found some images online and copied them into PaintNet to create the poster - which I did end up printing. They got a little blurry. When I copy the images into PaintNet, is there a way to change the resolution to high resolution for printing purposes? For example, in the resize menu, there is a field for changing the number of pixels. If I change the a number to a higher number, does it help? Related to this would be if I created an image myself in PaintNet that I needed to print out later. Should I change the number of pixels before beginning?
  2. Hello, I have a quick question about high vs. low resolution images. I understand the difference (I think, i.e. # pixels), but what I don't understand is how to make an image high resolution (i.e. to make it appear sharper and more clear). For example, the system defaults to 96 pixels, but wouldn't that be considered low resolution? I would like to be able to create images in as high a resolution as possible. I would also like to import images and improve the resolution. And, something I really need help with is sharpening the look of text. My text always seems blurry. Anyway, I'm wondering if someone can help me with these things? Many thanks in advance!
  3. That would be sweet! I'll try the lightray and lightsaber tut's in the meantime. I'm not good enough to make any of this mean much right now, but Paint.net is a really neat program (graphic designer wannabe)
  4. I'm trying to create in image that will be about 800w x 150h px with a spotlight that starts in the upper right hand corner and beams down to the lower left hand corner. I'd like to get a sort of smoky effect with mutliple colors with the beamed area being a bit whiter than the rest. I'm very new to all this and have gotten as far as creating a blurry background with multiple colors and then a beamed area that has the same blurry colors but only lighter. However, it looks horrible, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. My goal is to duplicate the image referenced in the link below (I'd post it here but don't know how.....i'll search for a tutorial). I'd use the image itself, but it is too large for the space I'm working with and I don't know how to resize it to be 800x150 without losing quality (gets stretched out and rough looking). Is rezising without loss of quality even possible? http://www.shutterfly.com/view/pictures.jsp [/url]
  5. Thank you, David. Can I ask how I save the file I create? I've tried saving it as a .jpg, .png, etc. and nothing seems to work. I just get white background showing through.
  6. I am wondering if it's possible to create text in a similar way to cutouts, i.e. so that you can see the background through the circular area of the letter "o" for example - without having to go through the cutout processes. I am working with a program where I have to import images onto preexisting backgrounds. I want to import text so that the preexisting background shows through.
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