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Is It Possible? (Smoothing cutouts)

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Is It Possible to copy and paste a picture onto some normal colour (in new layer) then use magic wand and delete the exsess BUT im still left with sharp kind of edges, is there anyway to fix that, without having to zoom in because when I do zoom in and use the rubber I always make mistakes! Can I Fix This Some How?

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BoltBait created the Feather plugin (Alternate link) which helps ameliorate the jaggy condition. It's an easier solution than the other one I'm about to suggest, but the results aren't as good.

If you're looking to cut out an image but looking to avoid the jaggies on the edges altogether, allow me to suggest one of my own tutorials. :D

Tutorial (on CMDSketchpad.com)

Tutorial question / discussion thread

This tutorial explains the concept of using Alpha Masking to cut out images. Alpha Masking helps keep a smooth edge by utilizing the natural anti-aliasing of the Line / Curve tool as the boundary. Feel free to pose any questions in the discussion thread.

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