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Need help on fading, color change, and combining photos

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Hi guys! I'm new to the program and I know I could figure out these features eventually on my own, but I'm working on a project and I have a little over a week to finish it. That's why I'm coming here to ask for your help.

I have different pictures that I'm turning into black and white (that much I can figure out!), but I need to go back and make one letter out of each photo stay in its original color. (There are signs in each of the photographs.) I don't want to use recolor because I'm not changing it at all. I just want it to remain in color while the rest of the photo does not. I'm sure it involves layering, but I'm not quite sure what to do.

Once I have those photos fixed, I need to combine them. I'm not combining them all on top of one another through layering, rather I need to leave them separate, line them up side by side and fade the edges into each other so that it looks like one continuous set of photos instead of individual with hard edges. However I would like to have some sort of control over how much of which photo fades and overlaps the other because each is different in their composition. For example some photos need to be faded with the first one on top or the second one on top of the other. I hope I'm making some sort of sense with this...

I'd appreciate it so very much if someone could help me by walking me through some of the steps. If you have any questions at what I'm trying to do, just ask me and I'll try to clarify. Thanks so much!

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For the first problem select letter you want to stay the same colour with the Magic wand then press CTRL I to invert the selection. Then make the image black & white, the letter should stay the same colour.

Either that or use the color picker to select the letter's colour & then black & white the image, then colour the letter using the colour you selected earlier.

Hope that helps :)


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