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magic wand doesnt work!

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Hi Everyone,

I am an absolute beginner to paint.net,but would really love to learn how to cut out images from one photo,and add it to a totally different photo. Webuser magazine had a step by step tutorial a few weeks ago,but after trying for ages it still didnt work.Grrrr. :cry: Anyway,i wondered if there is an idiots guide with the forum somewhere showing this thicko how to do it! :roll: Thank you.

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Thanks very much for the pointing in the right direction......i shall have a play at getting it right......also is there a facility in paint.net to shrink or enlarge the transfered object to make it the same size.ie so they both appear as if they were stood side by side in the "new" photo.Or am i getting ahead of myself? :lol:

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Shift+Click on the nubs in the corners of a selection when using the Move selected pixels tool [:MoveTool:]. I'll probably have to elaborate because I don't think I'm making any sense :D

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