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putting lasso object in diff background...help please

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If anyone can help me figure out this presumably easy task, i am trying to lasso a friend, i can then move them around the pic, but cannot figure out how to put another backgound I.e. ocean, flowers, etc and place them into it. any help would be appreciated. I am sure it is easier than i am making it. Thank you thank you thank you..

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heres what i am trying and i am not sure if that will work, and i read the further topic on the layering and pixels. i am trying to lasso a picture of my girlfriend sitting on my chair, and just her out, or the background of my room and replace it with something sweet ie. the beach, a mountain top etc. would what you sent me work in this manner or just add a boundary? i guess it would be the same thing i am tring to do as say take someones head and put it on a horses body for example to be clear on the effect i want. the topic on layering and pixels implies at least to me with the opacity etc, that the whole picture shows over the one you are layering depending on the opacity. I want to actually take something out and slap it into something else. am i on the right track yet or completely off...?

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So I'm assuming your girlfriend is already out of the background of your room, like this:


If not, I think the best to isolate your subject is to use the method described in this topic:


So you want to add a beach:

Find a nice beach background, with a nice license:

http://flickr.com/photos/bohane/177209756/ [CC-BY] will be fine.

:FileOpen:Open the picture of your heart.


Layers > :ImportLayers: Import from File the picture of the beach.


Put the beach layer under the girl one:


Now select the girl layer in the Layers window (using :Down:).


Using the Selection tools ( :RectangleSelectTool::EllipseSelectTool: :LassoTool: ) wrap around the girl (not precisely!).

Next, using the Move Selected Pixels tool, let her walk along the beach:



Is that good enough to make a tutorial? Asked to everyone here.

No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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