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I'm using Visual Studio 2005 Express and Windows XP.

I'm trying to give files with the same extension a different appearance.

Paint .Net can do this. I have already downloaded the source but I don't

know what name that class/procedure or whatever could have.

Thanks for any code/explanation.

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If you don't understand what I want then please just ask.

I will give an exmaple:

On my desktop I have two ".psd" files. They are created with Photoshop 7.0

They have a different appearance because they reflect their content.

I only know how to change all Icons of one extension at the same time.

How can I change (with code) only the icon of one file?

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The behaviour you're seeing, where explorer shows an icon that matches the image, is the result of either native support for the filetype in Windows, or an additional application called a shell extension.

As far as I'm aware, there's no code relating to shell extensions in Paint.NET, so I'm not sure why you say 'Paint.NET can do this'.

If you're an experienced programmer, you'll have to read up on writing shell extensions. If you're not, then you'll probably need an external application.. something like http://www.seriema.net/thumbview/index.php?page=about

Note that I've not tried the program linked above, and do not offer any recommendation for it, nor do I take responsibility if it screws with your PC in a bad way. It's linked so you can see what I'm on about.

Hope this helps,


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