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Paint.net crashed today after I installed new version

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I installed the new version today and it crashed while I was trying to use the alpha mask plugin. Also, the recolor tool won't work. When it crashed it asked if I wanted to send the error log to paint.net and I did that. Do I need to do anything here also?

I'm new to this, so if I'm posting when I shouldn't please forgive me.

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whats an OoM? Sorry, I'm not too good with this. Where do you find the tolerance level?

OoM = Out of Memory exception

If a corrupted image is loaded into the plugin, PDN breaks. I once made the mistake of saving an image by typing [filename].png into the name box but leaving .pdn selected in the Filetype box. This produced a file with the extension .png encoded as a .pdn, and all heck broke loose. Well, not really. I just had to change the extension back to .pdn, re-open it, save it as a valid .png, then try to import it again.

I reported the bug to Illnab, but there's no way he can check for file corruption within the plugin API, so it's something of which the user must keep aware.

As for the Tolerance bar, when the Magic Wand, Paint Bucket, or Recolor tools are selected, it will be in the Tool Options bar across the top, the blue bar marked "Tolerance:" with a percentage in it.

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