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Allowing multiple instance to run

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Is there an option to allow more that one instance of Paint.NET to run? In the older versions before the tabbed view every image was opened in its own instance. I would like to be able to go thru the Paint.NET file open menu and have every image from there open in a tabbed view, but if I wanted to open an image file by double-clicking on the file inside a folder, it should open it in a new instance of Paint.NET(provided of course that Paint.NET is the designated editor for that particular image file). Is such a thing possible or could be a new feature in the next release?

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1) This question has been asked several times before. Next time you have a simple question, please use the Search function before posting. It saves all of us (including you) time.

2) To put it simply, the answer to your question is no. And I'm pretty sure it ain't gonna be in a future release. TDI is here to stay, as far as I know.


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Doh, sorry about that. What makes me feel worse is that I work for a software company and I am constantly telling our clients to first search our forums before posting. All I had to type was "multiple instance" in the forum's search box, and found several topics. What a waste of binary bits.

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