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(Re)set Property Values programmatically

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Is there a way to control the values of the properties in an IndirectUI Dialog beyond the initial Setting?

Specifically I want one Checkbox to always be unchecked when the effect Dialog opens, Standard behaviour however is that the Checkbox retains the value it had the last time the effect was used. I have tried many things but I couldn't figure out how to do this. I would really appreciate some help.




My batch Image Processor: https://imagenator.codeplex.com

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IndirectUI makes it easy to create an UI for your effect but because of this it is quite restrictive.

A token with the initial settings (or the settings of the last usage) will be sent to the dialog immediately after the dialog opened.

There is no clean way around (afaik).


You can handle your issue by going the hard way creating a standard effect w/o IndirectUI.

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