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paint.net animation sprite help

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okay..so far i see sprites  made by paint.net as walk cycle ,jumps , punch etc....


but was just wondering how does the special attacks works? example:

street fighter Zangief's special attack  spinning piledriver

i want to animate that  using paint.net but how does it works?do i draw  Zangief in a walk clycle  than

another animation  grabbing and another  spinning?

my friend is doing the code and I'm doing the animation but do I need to make a lot of the same move with different 

opponent?  or how does it works??? and will i be able to do it with paint.net??????


thanks so much!

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sorry didnt exactly explain it.. what i ment is when u do a sprite like in this video:



when a player toss an opponent or does a special move!  is that  one animation (frame)  with the 2 charecters? or each charecter does its animation and  combine it?

like Zangief's special attack  spinning piledriver??? is it one frame as him sitting and the opponent upside down or  just him sitting and another frame with opponent outside down?? 

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