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Softening or creating a feather effect on a selection line

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If I create a selection ( example the foreground of a landscape shot ) and I want to apply a curve adjustment to that selection is there a method if softening the edge of the selection line?

If I pull a curve to boost the contrast there is a harsh cut off line line separating the selected area and the non selected area.It means I have to be perfect with my selection but I would prefer the adjustment to blend in or feather ( not sure of the right word ) either side of the selection line 

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Hi. :)


You can try one of the Feather plugins, there are two object ones and a selection one, all three are downloaded from boltbait's plugin pack. If you want, you could also try the Alpha Blur plugin, or perhaps gradient blending is a technique that might help you (this tutorial is a little long, but you might learn a few things from it).


Tip, make a new layer or duplicate your layer and apply the re-coloring on that layer. Erase/delete what you don't want and use edge-smoothing plugins or blending methods on the duplicated layer.

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Fixed the url for the feather effect.
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