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Paint.Net wont open this image. Says it has errors

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Paint.Net wont open this image. Gives an error when opening.



Additional info:

This image wont open in the following programs:  Windows image viewer, MSPaint, Firefox
This image opens in : Android Phone, Chrome browser, Google Picassa Viewer.

This image was initially browsed in Chrome, on an android device, and then the image was saved from the browser to the local storage of phone. Then this image was copid from the phone to a Win7 computer, where various programs listed above wont open it.





EDIT1:  This forum is not allowing me to attach the file (probably because it is corrupt in some way, and the forum software cant generate a preview of it) . Anyway, i have uploaded the image to this location :  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=8588934


(i have filed a similar bug for mozilla firefox)


Edit2: On the chrome browser, i have enabled the "Reduce data usage" setting, which compresses images and texts before sending them to my phone.  It reencodes images etc. , which might have caused this corruption.

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