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set up & installation errors?

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My paint.net program had fatal errors & was deleted. Tried to download new one. It...OK, now this is weird. I've been trying for some 2 weeks to get install to work. Errors with dnp & Shem-something.exe. As I'm typing this Microsoft.net pops in after waitng quite some time to load 4.5.2. Then paint.net window pops in then dissapears. I clicked on the 4.0.4 file again to run it, & it finally installed. Something to do with windows 7 being slow or error-ridden installing things it seems. I don't know what causes these things, but it finally worked. I need your program to do my book covers as microsoft paint just doesn't cut it. If you folks know anything about these technical glitches, it'd be nice to post them here for others to hopefully get some relief. I got to where I much prefer your program for my book cover art. Thanks for listening. I also tried the suggestion for that windows thing in the list that had stopped running. Your suggestions worked to get it running again. I assume this had something to do with getting the .net to download & install. Sorry if I'm not very clear about such things, but I went through a lot the last hour trying to get it to work.

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Like you, I've just had horrendous problems getting the new version of Paint.net installed and working.


A few days ago, the automatic update installed the new version, and I had strange problems starting

programs since then.   Uninstalled Paint.net, and went to a restore point just before the update.

Did a repair of Windows, since it said there were damaged files.  All seemed ok.


Today, several days later, it has just taken me about three hours to get the new Paint.net installed and working properly.  

First I kept getting error messages about the file being corrupted, so I downloaded it again from another site.

Same problem.   Restarted computer.


Deleted the program again, from the command prompt, as I couldn't uninstall it, due to the PC

saying it was a corrupt file.     Tried again, and got error 1603.   Net.Framework was installed so

that wasn't the problem.   Tried both Custom and Quick install options.   No go.


Went to the registry and deleted every single mention of paint.net I could find.

Downloaded again, and tried to install.    Fatal error.   Restarted PC   This happened twice.


Deleted program, and downloaded it again.    Installed yet again - for some reason, this

time it completed the install, which I did Custom, and finally put a shortcut on the desktop.

After checking, it seems to be running ok.


Why did all this happen?    I don't know, but the PC wasn't quite right after the update,

so maybe there was a corrupt file somewhere.


Anyway, you are not alone in having problems, but it finally worked.   Very pleased it did

as I really like paint.net, and wouldn't have to have to find another image editing software.

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