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just found the program

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wow, im surprised what you can get with this free program. i been playing with it for a while and im very impressed. but there was a few things i couldnt find, or maybe its just not in the program.

1 - textured paper. is there a way to do that? maybe not the paper be textured, but wat about the brush strokes be textured... i dont know if i said it right. heh

2- custom brushes. well, maybe not just custom, but sumthin other than a circle.

3-gettin rid of some of the menus. i have a tablet pc and the screen is kinda small. so i was wondering if there was sumthin like that option in photoshop that gets rid of the menus. u get waht i mean? if u dont understand, ill try to explain more.

i searched the forum for answers but couldnt come up with anything.

anyway, i luv the program, and anything that supports pen pressure with my tabletpc just gives me a hard-on. (sometimes i just use that as a stylus ) :wink:

anyway, thanks for the help, IF you can help me.

:EDIT: i jsut found the fill. for the paintbrush. that looks kinda generic. but sumtihn like that is wat i am talkin about for the number 1 i listed above.

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hi sounds like you are working on digital scrapbooking.

textured papers i generally use the plugin photo flood fill you can use any downloaded picture or one you scann and select all and fill the page with it.

or I've also when using the paint bursh or bucket tool hit the drop down box that says solid colour and use some of the dotted and dashed ones then tint with I think its Ed harveys plug in

there is loads of possibilties.

agree would love to do custom brushes as well sort of like tubes in photo shop

have fun play around and don't forget to read the tutorials even if what they are teaching isn't exactly what you are doing at the moment they are often well thought out and teach ever so much


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ok, that helped. i can use that photoflood plugin. i searched and found it.

after playing around some more, i noticed a few more things i had questions about. is there "soft edges" available for brushes? this, to me is VERY important. i thought about blurring after and it just isnt the same, as i need to see each stroke "painted" with a soft edge.

another thing, when i turn down the alpha transparency on a brush, i see the individual circles in the brush stroke. can i get rid of that?

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