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Centering A Selection

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I have not seen this yet in any program for image editing. I don't know if you can even do it but it be nice if you could. I like to see a button to let you move A selection into the middle of the canvas.

Why did I think this is a nice tool to have ?

Well I doing an image and I need to put another image right in the middle and when doing it by hand you tend to mess it up and have to count the pixels on each side. But with an option to click a button and let the program find were the middle, well you can see how that saves time and work.

But can it be done ? I have yet to see a program with it or if I did see one with it then I never notice it.

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PS automatically centers anything that is pasted into an area that is larger than its own.

The way I do this in PDN works with any objects that are on their own layer and have transparent area around them.

I use the Magic Wand selection tool with the tolerance set to "0" to select the transparent area around my object.

The I invert the selection (CRTL+I).

Then I "Crop to Selection" (CRTL+SHIFT+X).

Now I resize my canvas back to the original size but now I center it.


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