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Regarding tablet-friendly features

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I noticed in the popular features request thread that it's planned to add pressure sensitivity in the future. That's good news for users such as myself, as I use Paint.net on both a desktop PC and a Windows Surface Pro 1 which has an excellent stylus, and I've been making great usage of PDN on it. However, there are a couple issues that I feel should be addressed to help with user friendliness on touchscreens.


1. Zoom slider: I absolutely adore this feature, as it makes it super easy to change zoom without having to change tools. However, its position at the bottom makes it really easy to bump when I go to draw. I have to reset it fairly constantly. Perhaps it could be moved, or an option box could be added at the top to lock/unlock it? (Which is still more efficient than switching tools and clicking multiple times.) I'm right-handed, but I imagine any position below the drawing area would be irritating to someone.


2. Pen/hand discrimination: I'm not sure if this is possible within the program (or indeed, I imagine it might vary from device to device in its implementation) but is there a way to discriminate between stylus and finger touch? If so, a way to turn off non-stylus interactions would be nice. It's not a big issue, but I do find now and then that I've inadvertently drawn something with the heel of my hand when I go to use the stylus.

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