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Memory layout of layers


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Just to get an idea. Is the new application design of Paint.NET 4 somehow prepared to use a different memory layout in the future? Or would it be a big step again?


As an example:


I'm quite often getting Gimp files with a lot of layers. But it is not really possible to work with them in PDN4.


The one I got in the morning has 275 layers and the size is 2048 x 2048. Means in RAM 16MB per layer.

And a lot of GB all together.


But the file is almost empty. The .XCF size is 16MB. If I'm converting the file to .PDN (using xcf2pdn) then the file size is even smaller  (10MB).


Loading and rendering the XCF file in GIMP takes a second. The memory usage of Gimp 2.8 increases by 160MB. In PDN on my 8gb machine there is time for lunch to load the PDN. Same for the XCF using the ImXCF plugin (not a surprize because the tool first converts to pdn on disc (which takes 10s and then tries to load this pdn). Same issue for .psd files.


I'm not complaining. Happy with rendering in the new version.










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