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Problem with printing

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Greetings, not sure what the problem is with my installation. I'm using Win 8.1 well latest with all updates packs etc, it's a 64 bit system and whenever I try to print it gives the errors, 4 of them when I try to print the first time, consequent tries might yield  a lesser number but the error windows still don't provide any clue what the problem might be since they are all blank.  Any idea what I should try next?  I'm able to print from every other program also have tried to print to different printers 2 physical printers are connected thru wifi, other virtual printers i.e. print to file, pdf, xps etc end up in the same result.



Attached a screenshot of the error windows, other specs on computer resolution is 2560x1600, nvidia 680, ssd for boot drive but program is installed to D drive which I use for graphics.


Thanks for any help in this situation, by the way before the upgrade to version 4 I was able to print just fine with the 3.xx series.  I've removed and reinstalled program to make sure it wasn't an installation error, even downloaded it a couple of times to see if it made a difference as well as rebooting between removal and installation.




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Thanks, Installed the plugin and I'm able to print normally, to either a physical printer or virtual one. Also found another plugin Printer+ that works just as well but has less options. I think I'm ok with using the plugin and maybe a later version will fix whatever is going on with my system.

Take care and thanks again.


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