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Paint.Net 4.0 nag


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My wife uses Paint.Net a lot and lately she has been nagged to install the 4.0 Beta, which she eventually did, without talking to me.  This crashed the entire program and she has been unable to use the program.  I tried to uninstall the package, but it leaves a lot of droppings all over the place.

I then tried to re-install the 3.55 version, but I get a fatal error (1603) and it refuses to install.

On the nag screen, please add the "Don't remind me about this" option as she is not a Beta tester and is quite unhappy that she is unable to use Paint.Net.

I am using all different means to clean up the mess that the Beta left on her PC, without a lot of success, but I will keep on trying.

She has Win 7 (64 bit) with the latest service packs and updates.

I have run SFC which sees TrustedInstaller as OK.

I have downloaded IOBit uninstaller to attempt to remove all traces of the Beta and I will let you know how I have fared.

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It worked!  IOBit uninstaller found the registry entries and I deleted them.  The install of the 3.55 version then worked.  Back in business.


Just a caveat here!!  Make sure that the program you want to uninstall is highlighted.  IOBit does a very thorough uninstall which does change registry settings.  If you are concerned, make a backup of your registry before you begin.

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You can turn off reminders about the beta channel in the Utilities > Check for Updates dialog.

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