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Weird monitor flickering

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Hi there!


Some few month ago I found this very good software and worked with it and with my 1920*1200 24" monitor with no problem.

Recently I changed my monitor to 2560*1440 27" and there starts the problem.


The flickering occurs, if I start and end (or change to desktop with ALT+TAB) my flightsim.

(I create some terrain for the sim, so I change with ALT+TAB between Paint.Net and the sim.)

Before starting the sim no flickering occurs. Since the sim started flickering occurs, if I paint e.g. a rectangle, even if I load some images via drag&drop (everytime a picture loads it is flickering).


This flicker is not all over the monitor, only at the lower screen edge and in size of the taskbar.


My OS: Win7 64bit

Paint.Net: 3.5.11

Recently I've downloaded version 4 and I will give it a try.


Maybe you can give an advice how to avoid this flickering.




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I reinstalled all<!>. Win7, all m software...and used the newest AMD driver for my GigaByte HD 7770. And it works now...

But it's a little weird that flickering occurs if you change your monitor from 1920*1200 24" to 2560*1440 27" if you use ALT + TAB , isn't it?


But ok, it works now.




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Sorry I missed this before, but this does not sound like a Paint.NET issue;rather, a video card driver issue.  Increasing the size of your monitor may have overtaxed it.


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Hi david,


yes you are right! :)


My specs:

i5-IVY-Bridge-3450 3,1 GHz, GigaByte HD 7770


I would had known if there would have been something overtaxed ;)


Serious, I couldn't imagine that a new monitor can cause flickering *if* switching with ALT + Tab:

Remember that I hadn't had any flicker with this new new monitor *before using ALT + TAB!

In my opinion it is weird...


But, how ever, no<!> it was no paint.net issue!

And to find help I decided to sign in...


I feel very well with this software. Exellent job!

The only thing now is, if I used ALT + TAB, that the arrangement of the windows of paint.net is lost. I always have to change to full size and back to normal window size of paint.net.

This can be a windows issue, or one of paint.net <shrug>



Earlybite <who is creating tiles with paint.net>

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