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PDF, PS, EPS and AI Import

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This thread is obsolete in the meantime.


See ImPDF.Open.FileType and ImPS,EPS,AI.Open.FileType.




Long time ago I told in a thread that I may implement the import of PDFs via Ghostscript. So here we are.

This solution is not integrated in ImPDF in the moment because the way how Paint.NET handles "save combined with load to show a preview". There will be a somehow dirty solution possible, let's see.


For now if you like to test this plugin then you have to disable ImPDF.

Feedback on test is welcome.


PostscriptImport.FileType v0.6.zip

Warning: This is a test version and not a final release.

Postscript.FileType readme

Imports PDF, PS, and EPS files and renders them to Paint.NET bitmap layers.
This plugin requires an installed Ghostscript version.
This plugin will be merged with the ImPDF plugin in the future.
In the moment you have to decide if you like to use ImPDF to export as PDF or this plugin to import.
These two plugins can not be installed at the same time.
Sometimes the rendering of a page takes a long time. Be patient ;-)


- Install Ghostscript (http://www.ghostscript.com/download/). The plugin has been tested with version 9.10.
  If Paint.NET is running as an 64bit application then you have to install "Ghostscript for Windows (64 bit)" else the 32bit version.
  The plugin identifies the installed ghostscript version via the registry.
- Copy the two files OptionBasedLibrary vX.X.dll/.dlc to the Paint.NET\ folder (NOT to Paint.NET\FileTypes\ !!!)
- Copy the two files PostscriptImport.FileType.dll/.dlc to the Paint.NET\FileTypes\ folder
- Remove other plugins supporting the same file type (.pdf) from Paint.NET\FileTypes\ folder (to avoid possible conflicts)
  I.e. 'ImPDF.FileType.dll' plugin.
- Do not remove older versions of the OptionBasedLibrary if they are required from other plugins.

Paint.NET 3.5.11 and 4.0 Beta

Supported languages
English and German

Load dialog options

- Pages: Enter the number of the first and the last page of the document you like to extract. The default is all pages.
  If first page is larger than last page then the order of layers will be inverted.
- Resolution: Because Postscript is a vector format you have to provide a resolution which defines the quality of the rendered pages.
  The resolution has effect on the speed of rendering and the amount of memory needed for the pages.
- Antialiasing options: Typically it makes no sense to use an other value than "Strong". But "None" or "Weak" is faster.
- Transparency: If set then the image is rendered against a transparent background. This is much slower than rendering against a color.

Known issues
- Paint.NET does not provide a load dialog template to filetype plugins. So to allow the plugin to show a dialog it delegates its
  dialog (derived from PdnBaseForm) to the thread of the main window. This works fine but not perfect. So you will not get an
  error beep if you are clicking to the main window while the ImSVG dialog is open.
- If you are canceling the option dialog you will get an unspecified error. But this just means that Paint.NET
  has no idea about canceling the load operation. PDN4 allows you to check the error details. If it tells "Canceled by user"
  then no error happend.
- If you try to 'Save' (not 'Save As') a loaded pdf, ps, or eps then Paint.NET will not fallback to 'Save As' automatically.
  The 'Save' dialog opens and shows an error. This is fixed in Paint.NET 4.0.

On the 'To do'  list

0.6 (7.3.2014)
- Supports transparency
- Better error handling if there is no matching Ghostscript version installed
- EPScrop support
- AI file format support (which in fact contains PS or PDF)

0.5 (3.3.2014)

- Progress dialog fix
0.4 (3.3.2014)
- First public release

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