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Png Save automation

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Hello, I was wondering if there's any plugins/scripts or 3rd party tools that can help make saving each pdn as a png and flattening more convientent and quicker?


I like to create color variations of my work usually using Ed Harveys color flip plugin so at times I can end up with 15 or more pdns (cause I like to keep a source file of each as well) and saving each one manually as a png can sometimes get tedious.


For example:

I'd like to have a script that with 1 button click will automatically save the image as a png, flatten it and close it for me either for 1 file or every open file open in Paint.Net


If anyone knows of any such plugins/scripts, software or techniques, please share :) I may end up looking into plugin creation myself and try writing one if it's even possible for plugins to interact with open files that way.







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Or pdntopng by using drag and drop.


Thanks for this.


Using this simple batch script:

@echo off

for /r %%a in (*.pdn) do (
	IF exist %%a (
		ECHO Converting %%a
		pdn2png "%%a"

I can convert a whole folder of pdns :)



Note: pdn2png doesn't like pdns without a solid layer. I had to give all my pdns a solid color background layer before it would convert them.

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