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Drag & Drop from Firefox


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Dragging an image from Firefox to Paint.NET shows a bad filename and extension.


I.e. http://css-tricks.com/examples/RoundButtons/images/bg.png


The file is streamed OK (it shows transparency) but the filename is something ending with .bmp located in the users temp folder.


I expect that you are streaming the file from "FileContents" but taking the name form DataFormats.FileDrop and not from "FileGroupDescriptorW" because "FileGroupDescriptorW" does not contain a path.


I would propose to take the "FileGroupDescriptorW" name, set the file to dirty, and allow only "Save As" for this file (simular to "Paste to new image")


No idea what kind of code you are using to stream the file but


works quite good (if all fixes are integrated to the code) and contains handling of files and contents arrays.

The code is not specific to Outlook.



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