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on JPEG export -> "Preview, file size: (error)"

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everybody, that's my first post here.

I just would like to submit a presumed bug! ;)


I have an issue with 2 small TIFF images, one is 416x240, the other one is 640x360 in large created by Photoshop.

If I open these files & try to save it as JPEG, I get an error message in JPEG compression dialog:


"Preview, file size: (error)"



On click "OK" the following error report appears:


System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException (0x80004005): A generic error occurred in GDI+.
at System.Drawing.Image.Save(Stream stream, ImageCodecInfo encoder, EncoderParameters encoderParams)
at PaintDotNet.Data.JpegFileType.OnSaveT(Document input, Stream output, PropertyBasedSaveConfigToken token, Surface scratchSurface, ProgressEventHandler progressCallback) in D:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\PaintDotNet\Data\JpegFileType.cs:line 72
at PaintDotNet.FileType.Save(Document input, Stream output, SaveConfigToken token, Surface scratchSurface, ProgressEventHandler callback, Boolean rememberToken) in D:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\Data\FileType.cs:line 266
at PaintDotNet.Controls.DocumentWorkspace.<>c__DisplayClass30.<DoSave>b__28() in D:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\PaintDotNet\Controls\DocumentWorkspace.cs:line 2939
at PaintDotNet.Functional.Func.Try(Action f) in D:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\Base\Functional\Func.cs:line 171



Even if I save it to PNG, BMP or Paint.NET format & reopen the created ones, I can't save it with JPEG export ! Curious thing... ;)


I can avoid it if I save it to JPEG (100%) in Photoshop before & open the JPEG instead of the TIFF file.

My goal is to save a JPEG with EXIF metadata to match some specific requirements from a software.

Any idea about that?


Thank you very much in advance




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