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Letters in a circle - not as easy as I thought !!

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I've been tasked with turning two breadboards for wedding presents. The names and the dates are to be carved on each.


I'm looking to make a template for the texts and mark through as applicable onto the border area of each board.


I looked through the tutorials and found one that did what I thought I was looking for called Polar Transformation.  This does form a line of text into a circle but I then realised that what I really want is the date text to run anti-clockwise at the 'bottom' of the board, as this plug-in does, and the names text at the 'top' to be able to be read at the same time and therefore running clockwise round the border.  


Could someone help me with this please as I thought I would just be able to do this as two layers and do the rectangular to polar transform as required - but no as it would seem the plug-in only works anti-clockwise!






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