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How to add moving .gifs into paint.net

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For a while now I have been trying to find how to add moving .gifs into some of my paint.net works, yet whenever I try to find an answer the only thing that comes up is how to make a gif on paint.net which is not what I want. Could anybody kindly tell me how to put gif into a paint.net piece of work or at least include a link to where I can find a tutorial. 


P.S. Just in case you were wondering I am trying to make a signature for someone on another forum. Here is a picture of something along the lines of what I am aiming to make.


3ln.gif Thanks :)

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You can try these plugins.








Just a question. How did you make that cool  moving Simpsons GIF on your signature?

Sorry to ask. But what do I do after I've followed the 1st links instructions?

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Never tried that plugin myself but my understanding is that you have to rename the gif file into something with a .agif file extension before opening it on Paint.NET and just re-change the file extension to .gif after saving.


You can try reading the whole thread, mate.

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