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Cropping with Paint.NET

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I love Paint.NET, but there seems to be a lack of ability to crop photos.


For example, if I want to carve out a 4x6 image for printing out of an image that is not exactly 4x6, it seems my only option is to use the rectangle solution tool to set a corner, then try to define the rectange which is 4x6.  Once I have the 4x6 rectangle, and it is doesn't quite frame the pic the way I want it, well, then, I have to start over from scratch, guessing at the best place for the first corner.


I have Paint Shop Pro and it does this quite well, and even has several predefined crops (for 4x6, 8x10, and so on) to work with.  I just select the crop size, and then I can move it around until I get the exact crop I need.


The problem with PSP is that it takes too long to load, has so many features that I find it hard to use, and on top of all that it constantly blows up on me.  I hate working with it.  Paint.NET, on the other hand, is quick and it never blows up on me.


If this crop feature doesn't exist in Paint.NET (I can't find it, anyway), then consider this a formal request for the feature.


It's pretty much the only thing Paint.NET is missing, unless it might be a spraypoint tool.

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