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Unspecified error while opening file

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If I save a Paint.net project as a .pdn file, I can not open it back up. When I try, I get this error everytime: THERE WAS AN UNSPECIFIED ERROR WHILE OPENING THE FILE. I have tried saving moch projects in other folders on my computer and same thing happens. I even removed the Paint.net program and downloaded and reinstalled again. Same thing happens. I don't understand cause I even went over to my parents house downloaded Paint.net for them and it works just fine there. Not being able to save a project is not good especially when I was going to start on a huge collage for my website. Any info? Thanks much

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Please try to provide more info about your environment like hw, sw, operating system.

You may also attach or link a zipped exampled of a saved .pdn so that we are able check if there is an error in the file.

Maybe an antivirus tools blocks the access. If you are using one then switch it off temporarily.

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