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DirectUI: Glass Buttons


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Maybe this info safes a little bit time if you like to activate glass buttons in your EffectConfigDialog:

public EffectConfigDialog()
    IsGlassDesired = true; 
        // this sets IsGlassEffectivelyEnabled if IsGlassSupported is true
    GlassInset = new Padding(0,0,0,38);
        // define the inset to the client area of the dialog
    AutoHandleGlassRelatedOptimizations = true;
        // this activates the handling of the dirty tricks
        // needed to get optimized controls in the glass area


This is just a hint extracted from my test phase. So you should calculate the inset padding depending on your controls.


Here is an example of a dialog, where I'm using this info:




The button area includes an additional command button containing a 'Reset All' command, commands to load and save the properties of the dialog, and 'About' information.


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