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Grille Chompa

German translation - Feedback

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3.0 Beta 3


"Open Recent" => "Zuletzt verwendete Dateien"

"Aquire" => "Importieren"


"Größe ändern" => "Bildgröße ändern"

"Zeichnungsbereichgröße" => "Leinwandgröße"


"Doppelte Ebene" => "Ebene duplizieren"

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I really agree with Grilles suggestions!

Just this isn't so intelligent:

"Zeichnungsbereichgröße" => "Leinwandgröße"

Zeichenbereich is really good to understand even for the not so experienced users.

But for example "Ãœbernehmen", which is actually used instead of "Aquire" is really stupid. Something like "Importieren" is much better!

Like everytime my dad want to scan something, he asks me where in he can find it. So finally I had to give him another Photo-Program.

Please, who ever is responsible for that, change it soon! Its just a small thing. Or tell me any good reason, why those buttons should keep their old name.


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