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Modal dialogue boxes appearing behind main window.

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Hya everyone!

I have been having a strange and rather tricky problem that make Paint.net seem to freeze when it in fact has not.

What is happening as it turns out is that sub-windows or "modal dialog" boxes such as the ones that pop up for effects and filters and even for saving things like .jpg files are opening behind the main window where they are nearly useless.

Using the task-manager [EDIT: Alt Tab, sorry, my mistake] to bring them forward does not work but is how I figured this out because I could see them with it.

This usually happens after I have been working for a bit and actually want what I have made. So being a persistent little snot I figured out a way around it sort of:

When it happens the first time its time to save and quit so I do this:

  • Hit ESC to get out of what ever filter or what ever else I was using (this works for some reason so far).
  • Shrink the main window.
  • Shove most of it off my monitor to one side or the other.
  • Hit save or save-as depending on what I'm up to.

Having the main window way off to the side forces the pop up windows to come up somewhere useful as they seem to like being centered in my monitor.

Oh yah, Im running 64-bit Windows 7 on a 4GB laptop with an ATI video-card (Radeon HD 4250).

Anyhow that's about it, if there is anything else that might be useful please let me know, I bet other people have seen this and thought like I did that paint.net had frozen.



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