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Erase and background

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Excuse me the bad localization of my first thread.

When I use erase it appears a mesh of little squares. How can I eliminate those squares?

And can I have permanently the tool toolbar attached?

Thanks for your help.

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The mesh is only visual, it has no other effect other than to show the area as transparent. The reason why it is this way is so that you can tell by the pattern what portion of the image is transparent. If it were white, for example, how would you be able to distinguish the erased area from an actual area that was white? Once you've erased the area, you can use the paintbucket for fill that area with whatever color you desire. Then you type your text and you won't be confused.

When you eventually learn about layers and how to use them, you will find that when you place your image that has an erased area in it over another image, you will not see the checkered squares anymore, but instead you will see in that area the portion of the below image. You only see the checkered squares when you view the image by itself.

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