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Pixel Art aide? (Plugin Questions)

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Hey, I've been working with pixel art for almost 2 years now, and I'm going to be honest.. every step of the way I've used MS Paint. I want to move over to Paint.net, I'm pretty familiar with it and have had it for finishing up my art for 2 years, but, I haven't switched over completely because of an issue, a rather small issue at that, but, I'm looking to add the simplistic canvas resizing that MS paint has on Paint.net.. are there any plugins or mods that will do this? Also,I've already had a look through all the plugins on the plugin index, but, I was wondering if you guys might know some plugins that would help me out while I'm making pixel art. Thank you! =)

EDIT: Would be really nice to find an isometric grid projection type plugin.

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Do you mean the ability in MSPaint to just grab the control points or whatever they are called and drag-resize the canvas size? There isn't one if that's what you are looking for. From what I've been able to tell the way the layers all have to work together etc makes this more problematic than it seems.

Is this grid plugin able to create what you need? LINK: Majik's Grid Maker - good control and options include checkerboard which may be helpful

EDIT: Ack, I knew that isometric didn't sound right ... His Hexagon Grid maker will make true iso shape grid though: LINK: Majik's Hexagonal Grid maker

Can see a either grid like that being helpful for pixel art for sure. And other things now that I think about it ...

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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Thanks! I grabbed both of those. Unfortunately the canvas resizing through GUI makes pixel art very difficult as I have to resize the window a lot, and it's normally not a specific value and more of a guessing game, that's why the click and drag makes things easy, unfortunately it's a feature I've only ever seen in MS Paint.

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