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Hanging layer outline?

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I may be doing something incorrectly, but I keep having remnants of one layer staying active when I switch layers.

For instance, "the invisible" outline of a PNG on layer four will remain active when I add the next layer. The body image of four is not a problem, but the border affects and applies to layer five?

In the two images I've attached, you can see the number 11 in the center that is layer five with a square around it, which is the outline of layer four. In the second photo I've shifted layer five up and you can see that it is affected by layer four.



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Without seeing the layers I'm having to guess what you're doing from the description and images somewhat.

It looks like/sounds like you are fighting the default selection that is drawn when you paste a smaller image into any layer of a piece in PDN. This is the normal behavior to allow you to move or position the pasted object. Keeping that in mind, all selections done in PDN effect all layers. So if you draw a rectangular selection on layer 3 of a 5 layer image, it will be the same all the way up or down the stack of layers. It's a very effective method of masking effects and output, but can be frustrating at times.

Or if this was not a paste operation, the same rule of any selection made will affect all layers.

When pasting things etc you have to keep this in mind and deselect things after positioning a pasted object etc to avoid what you're seeing there.


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