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Hello, as many of you have already noticed by my title, I am not a graphic designer! However I own a Fire and Safety equipment online business and do all of my own Web Design....(learn as I go). I found Paint.NET and am very happy with its usability in helping me create my own headers and footers, PC paint is junk in comparison...., however I have an issue that I cant seem to resolve. My files (creations) are saving as a PDN File, I have no idea what this is, and neither do my computers! So, main question, can I change from saving as a PDN file to a Jpeg file inside the Paint.NET program? If not, what are your suggestions, Since PDN is not known well, nothing I do can read the files making it worthless...thanks for your help!


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File >>> Save As >>> Choose which format to save as, from the Save As Type options ;)

Wow, should have seen that one, thanks so much, I am getting used to MS 2010 where that option is just there when you save as....thanks again!

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As a side note, if you want to avoid losing layers that you wish to revisit, be careful and consider saving multiple copies: one as the PDN with the layers, and the flattened versions in .jpg, .png, etc.

I've lost a couple of things that I needed from getting careless when saving a "print" ...

The same rules apply to most custom file format programs unless the auto-save the original works. Or when in doubt always try and use save-as to avoid data-loss and overwrite. Especially if you want to make version1, version2, version3 copies as separates vs having to come back to manipulating layers. Months later you'd likely forget the file had 6 versions inside of it ...

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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