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Arrow Resize Problem?


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Hi all,

I have written a simple plugin which draws an Arrow. Arrow is made up of two polygons. Left and Right. Each side has different color. I want to resize any side such that it maintain the symmetry and shape of the arrow. I have achieved this only if the Arrow head is an equilateral triangle. But if its not equilateral then Arrow gets de-shape. I have attached screenshot for the reference. Also if i resize 1 side and then resize other side arrow again gets de-shape. What will be a generic algorithm to achieve this. I want that Arrow maintain it symmetry in any way i resize it.



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This actually gives a unique effect, makes for good house outlines.

Anyways, instead of rendering two sides individually, I would just render the arrow as one color, then use an algorithm to color one-half of the arrow.

Would be kind of a redundant plugin though, as you can just make an arrow using PDN's line tool then re-color one half to your liking with relative ease.

In my opinion, you should keep the plugin as-is, adding some unique features for a unique plugin!

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