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how do i merge other pictures?

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You're first question is very very broad.

It's like "How do you paint a picture?" basically lol.

How you merge two pictures depend on the pictures themselves. To get good results you would have to do things differently for whatever you are merging.

It also depends on how you want to merge them.

Do you want one transparent over the other? Do you want to connect the two, side by side? top-bottom?

If you could show us the images, and tell us how you want them merged I could better answer the question.

Until then, I can't really help you because there are just too many ways to "merge" pictures.

The clipboard is just you're Ctrl+C button. Like if you right click an image online and click "Copy" that copies the image to your clipboard.

Then if you go into Paint.NET and press Ctrl+V, or under edit click "paste", it will place the image you copied into the canvass.

After that, saving the image is just like saving any other picture.

Go into file, then click Save-as

The first layer in Paint.NET is named "Background" and that's all there is to it. It's just a name.

You can do anything you want with that layer, it's only named "Background" to help you organize your layers.

To put a picture there, just copy and paste it over like I just described

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thankyou for you quick response :)

As far as merging,what i meant was cropping a part of one picture(any Part) and merging it into any part of another picture. I do not want it transparent. Kind of like taking a pair of scissors and cutting out pieces of the picture and then pasting it any place on another picture and then it becomes one and everything blends in together as if it were a naturally taken photo. I am not really good at explaining myself so bare with me.

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Ah, okay.

Well I suggest you copy/paste your first picture into the background layer (Put the one thats large, or will be used as the background here).

Then create a new layer by pressing the :AddNewLayer: button in the layer window.

With that newly created window selected, copy and paste your second photo in there.

Now the goal is to erase or crop what you want out of that second image (on the higher layer) out.

You could either go around erasing the parts you don't want with the eraser tool,

or use the :LassoSelectTool: lasso tool, circle eeeverything you want, pressn Ctrl+I to invert the selection, then press delete.

This will delete everything except what you initially selected.

It may not be pretty depending on the picture, so you might have to touch it up somehow

Additionally, instead of the lasso tool, you could try the magic wand tool instead. Just click with the magic wand, then invert selection, then press delete

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