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Copying Layers?

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I've got a large project with an object that's dependent on a multitude of layers (over 17).

I don't want to flatten them because it's a large no no, and with they way the whole image is setup, idk if it's possible.

I want to just copy all the layers into a new .pdn file and save it separately so I can experiment with flattening without wrecking the big picture, as well as just having it for versatility for use in future projects.

So is there any way to copy an entire layer over? I don't mean magic wand it over to a new project (I just tried that.). I need all the settings with the layer, the opacity, filter settings, Title etc etc.

Pasting it over won't work since a lot of layers have filter settings like Overlay and the such.

I tried manually reapplying the settings, but there's so many different layers it's virtually impossible to figure which one needs which settings. It would be easier if AT LEAST the layer titles were transferred over, that way I could at least figure out which layers I'm looking at between the two projects, but I haven't figure a way to do it yet.

So is there any way to do this? Or any alternative?

And if not can it be added to a 4.X version? I think this would be a killer feature. I can think of a few other occasions I'd really appreciate this.

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That's an idea. Not quite sure why I didn't think of it...

Save it as a new file, then delete the layers I don't need.

I'd still like to see this as a feature some time though :P It would be great to be able to just copy a layer from 1 project to another without having to reapply settings.

Thanks for the tip mate. As simple as the solution was, I was scratching my head

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