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How to make a solid line / shape?

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I'm trying to do some pixel art, and whenever I use a tool that isn't just the pencil tool, it makes its own weird shading along my selection. Like, if I make a diagonal line with black, fills in random gray above and below the line between the two points I click. Or if I make a non filled circle, it fills in shading around the edges. All this is with one pixel thickness How do I just make it the color I've picked from the color picker without any extra color interpolations along the way?

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I don't see any options to alter anywhere for paint.net.. Or is it based off of whether or not I have AA enabled for my video card?

Nevermind, I thought those icons were just part of your sig when I first saw it. I just noticed them on the bar and when I clicked on it I realized what you meant. Thanks ^_^.

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